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Stop panicking, start planning storm response
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Everyone I know is freaking out over Hurricane Irma. As of this morning she was a strong Category 5 storm barreling toward Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Where it goes from there is still up in the air. Most models show it tracking toward Cuba and the Florida Straits. There are a few models that show Irma skirting up the East coast impacting all of Florida, the eastern coast of Georgia and South Carolina.

Which is correct?

WE DON’T KNOW YET PEOPLE because it is still way too early to tell people. SO STOP FREAKING the heck out.

The one advantage of hurricanes is that there are ways of tracking them and plenty of time to plan ahead. So instead of freaking out you should be planning.

First, secure all your important documents in one location and place them in zip lock bags to protect them from water. Have an evacuation plan in place. If you have pets they should be included in your plans as most shelters do not accept animals. Best place to stay is with family in another state if possible.

Of course you want to have plenty of food and water for you, your family and pets to cover 3-5 days post storm.

Some people already going crazy buying out cases and cases of water. QUIT BEING GREEDY MAN!

First of all if you are planning on evacuating and staying with family and you are planning appropriately, you aren’t going to need to take all that water with you.

For example, if you live in Georgia and plan to evacuate to Ohio, they do have grocery stores with food and water up there you know. So far none of the storm models indicate it will impact areas that far north. SO BUY YOUR WATER THERE and leave ours alone.

Also how about tapping into your own water resources instead of buying bottled water. Start filling up pitchers and if you aren’t sure about your water quality boil it first. This method will save you tons of money and get you through the first rough days. Plus you should fill your bath tubs with water and anything else you can find with water. You’ll need that to freshen up and be able to flush your toilets.

Another good idea is to start making your own bags of ice now. Each time your ice tray fills, dump the cubes into a plastic bag and tie it shut. This way if your power goes out you have ice already made for your coolers.

Always keep your car’s gas tank full, get cash out of the ATM and make sure all your flashlights and batteries are good to go.

But this is a foodie column so let’s get with the program here and talk about hurricane food.

The storm is less than a week away so first things first – EAT UP ALL THE FOOD IN YOUR FRIDGE NOW!!
If the storm should come toward us, your fridge should be nearly devoid of anything that will spoil when the power go out. Don’t go out and buy a ton of stuff that needs refrigeration just before a storm because the power WILL go out. That is 100 percent guaranteed.

When planning for the storm, the canned food and chip section of the store are your best friends – DIET BE DAMNED.
Time to grab your favorite chips, crackers, cookies, cakes and of course the all-time classic protein of CANNED SPAM!


The main thing to remember is you need things that are non-perishable. There are healthy options. Granola bars are a good choice as are nuts and trail mix packages. There are many fruits that don’t require refrigeration. Bread and peanut butter can go a long way until things start to return to normal.

But, again, if you plan to evacuate don’t buy more than what you need to get to your destination and then do you’re shopping there. There is no need to have to lug all that extra stuff around if where you plan to go is safe from the storm.

Leave some canned tuna and stuff on the shelves for those of us that, due to choice or job, need to hunker down in place. We need to eat too you know.

All kidding aside the best thing you can do now is to monitor the storm and plan accordingly and above all else – BE SAFE.

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