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Students to make up a day for Irma, eclipse

Liberty County School System students will make up at least one of five missed days because of the August eclipse and Hurricane Irma, and school officials are looking for feedback on when to do it.

 The system didn’t hold classes Aug. 21 for the eclipse, and Sept. 8-13 because of Hurricane Irma.

Liberty County School System is a charter district, which gives it more flexibility, and it is not required to make up those five days, Interim superintendent Dr. Franklin Perry said, but the same does not apply to the Pre-K center, which can only miss four days.

 The state sent an email to LCSS saying the Pre-K center will have to make up a day, and officials have decided the rest of the district’s students will make up the day as well.

 Perry asked the board members for their thoughts and said he will ask the schools for feedback on how to make up the day or if teachers feel it needs to be more than one day. 


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