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Suspect arrested again for meth
By Lewis Levine
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For the second time in less than six months, a Gum Branch woman has been arrested for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine. Virginia Burke, who also was arrested last October during a meth bust, again was apprehended Thursday for allegedly manufacturing the narcotic at a home on Bradley Lane in Gum Branch.

Lt. Jeffrey Hein, of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office’s MACE Task Force, said Friday that Burke and her husband, Nathan Burke, were arrested shortly before midnight at the home of a friend Virginia Burke had been staying with. The arrest came after a MACE agent received a tip that prompted the task force to put the house under surveillance. Agents converged on the residence, discovered items used to manufacture meth and several grams of meth and apprehended the couple, Hein said.

The couple was taken to the Liberty County Jail and on Friday appeared before a magistrate, who denied Burke bond on the charges of possession of a schedule I control substance, possession of tools for the commission of a crime and manufacture/deliver/distribute/administer/sell/possess with the intent to distribute a controlled substance.


Burke’s bond from the October arrest had been revoked in February by a superior court judge due to Burke’s reported failure to meet one of the conditions that required her to live with a relative in North Carolina while undergoing treatment, according to Hein. She reportedly had been observed in Liberty County several times, and detectives notified the judge, who revoked her bond. Authorities had been trying to locate and arrest Burke when MACE received the tip that led to Burke’s second arrest.

Nathan Burke was charged with possession of meth and possession of tools for the commission of a crime. His bond was set at $33,300.

During an October raid at a mobile home park on Highway 196, Virginia Burke was arrested for her suspected role in similar crimes.

During that bust, arresting agents found items used to manufacture meth as well as a product allegedly used to distribute the drug.

In the October arrest, authorities found six children in the home, which led to Burke being charged with cruelty to children.

No children were found in the home at the time of the second arrest.

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