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Temperatures expected to moderate
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Water coating shrubs at Liberty Square in Hinesville froze Tuesday, creating a variety of icicle shapes and patterns. - photo by Photo by Hollie Moore Barnidge

Freezing temperatures are on their way out. The National Weather Service is forecasting the high today in the upper 40s, possibly low 50s and the weekend highs in the 70s, above normal.

It was a different story this morning and Tuesday, when temperatures did not get above freezing, prompting wind chill advisors and warnings to bundle up, check on neighbors who may need help and take care of pets and outside plants. Tuesday’s high was 37 degrees, and the low was 21, according to

Few problems were reported to authorities. And there was no percipitation, so the only ice accumulations were where water had been standing in puddles or sprinkler systems were left on.

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