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Womens conference held in Ludowici
0901 Womens conference
More than 100 people attended the A Good Woman is Hard to Find womens conference Aug. 25 in Ludowici. The group DSO was one of several groups and individuals to perform during the conference. - photo by Mikee Riddle

More than 100 people attended the women’s conference "A Good Woman Is Hard to Find," Aug. 25 at St. Phillips Baptist Church in Ludowici.

Keynote speaker Minister Alfreda West told the crowd that a good woman will be a virtuous woman. Characteristics of a virtuous woman include being trustworthy, industrious, thrifty, confident and hard-working.

She added that a good woman will be a woman of God, marry a man who is a good leader, and that she will not be satisfied with mediocrity. West also said a good woman should always be willing to do extra for her family.

"A virtuous woman knows how to be a good wife … and her light is always burning for the work of God," she said.

West said that even though today’s women face problems and trials, they are no different from the women in the Bible. She also said that when trials do arise, the only way to get through them is by being a believer in Jesus Christ.

"Whatever you are going through in your life, prayer will fix it," she said.

West also told the crowd that today’s society sends the wrong message to girls and women regarding how they are to dress. She said that a virtuous woman can dress modestly and still be in fashion. She added that in the Bible, there are 188 examples of virtuous women but that none were as good as Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

"A good woman is hard to find, but if you look today in here in the Lord’s house you’ll find one and they’re good looking, too," conference chairperson Frances Daly said.

Emcee Dolores Frasier challenged the women in the church to go out and help others in the community.

"Go to a nursing home. Go cook a meal for someone. There always is someone out there who is in need. Be the woman to help that person," she said.

In addition to the speakers, several individuals and groups performed.

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