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Long candidate challenged
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LUDOWICI —— A Long County woman running for a county commission seat had her qualification to run challenged on Friday.
Amy Davis Nutting paid the qualifying fee and signed up last month to run for the commission’s vacancy in the 5th District (Tibet District).
The challenge questions whether Nutting lives in the district.
Long County Election Superintendent Marie Middleton challenged Nutting’s qualification after a discussion with County Attorney Jay Swindell.
Middleton also said that before she filed the challenge Friday she contacted Glynn County to verify that a property there had a homestead exemption on it filed by Nutting.
“Based upon the information that the attorney gave me and my interpretation of the law, if a person files for homestead exemption, that residence is the person’s primary residence. For this reason I had to challenge her qualification,” Middleton said.
She said that Nutting has until Monday to respond to the challenge, but if she did not, a letter would be sent to her, informing her that there would be a hearing on the issue Thursday.
Nutting said hearing will be cleared up a the hearing.
“I do not plan to withdraw and I plan on fighting this, because I have a legitimate argument to this claim.”
“I am a life-long resident of Long County and only lived in Glynn County after me and my husband first were married for about a year. We have been back over here since October of 2006 and, for that matter, we have the house in Glynn on the market now,” she said.
“I am sure that when all of the facts come out on Thursday, I will be able to continue to run for the commissioner seat,” Nutting said.
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