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Long Co. committee maps out P&Z code
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The Long County Land Development Code Committee members meet with the Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center on Aug. 2. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
The Long County Land Development Code Committee met with the Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center on Aug. 2 and the two panels concluded the planning and zoning ordinance was nearly ready for a final draft.  
Paul Speich, interim GIS coordinator for the CGRDC, provided a base map with the proposed zoning districts for committee members to review.
“As it stands right now, this map has what your tax digest is showing right now,” he said.
He noted the only areas on the map that were not designated were those including manufactured housing, industrial and multi-family dwellings.
The committee decided the code enforcement office would be best suited to locate and mark the areas on the most up-to-date map. It was also determined the proposed tree ordinance be included.
Code enforcement’s Michelle Poppell asked Speich if the map could be divided into four sections so the marking of trailer parks would be easier to identify.
Speich said that would not be a problem. He asked how long it would take to mark the additions on the map, and code enforcement officer John Bradley said it would take only a few days.
In other business, committee member Mike McGowan said the current zoning tracts reflect the land’s current usage, and it would remain zoned that way as long as the current land owners continue using the land for that purpose. But, he said, if the land is sold and another developer intends to use the tract for a project that’s not included in the area’s designation, the long-term goals of the county would have to be considered before determining whether it would be approved.
Speich also questioned whether the city of Ludowici would be adopting the same zoning ordinance.
“If everybody is on board with this, it will make things flow better in the future, and help avoid any conflicts,” he said.
McGowan asked how hard it would be for the city to get involved and adopt the same guidelines.
Speich said it would not be difficult because the work was already done.
The committee decided to contact the Ludowici City Council to learn their thoughts on the matter.
Committee member Randy Wilson said if the city decided to go along with the idea, they needed to have representation on the committee. All members agreed.
The committee also decided the goals of the next meeting would be to have the map updated and a final draft ready for review, to make a determination as to whether the city  would adopt the ordinance and to schedule a public hearing for the proposal.
An up-to-date map and the proposed zoning designations are available at the Long County courthouse for anyone who wants to look at them.
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