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Long commissioners weigh road requirements
MR Coastal RDC
Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center Planning Director Tricia Reynolds addresses Long County commissioners. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
LUDOWICI — Long County commissioners recently heard a recommendation by both the county code enforcement officer and the Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center to amend the requirements on roads.
According to code officer John Bradley, the current ordinance adopted in 1991 does not address requirements regarding acceleration and deceleration lanes on county roads outside of subdivisions, nor does it meet International Fire Code guidelines.
Bradley said currently the county requires a 48-foot cul-de-sac, but according to the IFC guidelines it should require at least 96 feet.  This requirement insures firetrucks have adequate space turn around.  In addition to this, Bradley said the current road frontage required for a lot in subdivisions is 100 feet, but according to the IFC, the requirement is 150 feet.
CGRDC Planning and Local Government Services Director Tricia Reynolds provided information on the acceleration/deceleration lane issue. She said the CGRDC recommends that counties address the needs for acceleration/deceleration lanes due to its impact of safety.
Reynolds also said the county needs to adopt Georgia Department of Transportation standards or to justify why it is deviating from those standards.
According to the Reynolds, the need for these lanes is based on the amount of traffic that will be generated by development. She said minimum right turn deceleration length ranges from 75 to 350 feet.
Commissioners decided to call a work session to look into the issue.
In other business, 1st District Commissioner David Richardson informed Bradley and other commissioners that a trash problem had developed on Joe Walker Road.
He said with the trash building up people now believe that the area is a place to dump trash.
Bradley told commissioners he would address the issue with the property owners and inform them it is their responsibility to keep their property cleaned up.
Bradley also reported there were 16 building and four relocation permits sold, that six final home inspections were completed and that eight new homes were sold during January.  He also said that there were 199 open building permits in the county.

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