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Long County aims to protect trees
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Approving a tree ordinance topped the Long County Commission agenda this past week.
One of the ordinance’s requirements stipulates all applicable sites for development must maintain a minimum of three trees per half-acre lot.
Some of the applicable lots are defined as residential subdivisions and commercial subdivisions that are being developed, and land where an activity requires the issuance of a land-disturbance permit.
The requirement of the ordinance must be met whether or not a site had trees prior to development or disturbance of an applicable site.

Flood prevention
The commissioners also amended the flood prevention ordinance that makes the Long County Code Enforcement Office the governing body that administers, implements and enforces the details of the regulations — something previously done by the Long County Tax Assessor’s Office.

Precinct change
Commissioners also approved changing the location of the District 2 voting precinct from Rye Patch Road to the fire station on Darwell Long Road. The goal was set to have the precinct in operation by the first of 2008.

Clean-up day
Code enforcement office manager Michelle Poppell reported a clean-up day is planned for Oct. 27. Several members of the community, with the help of the Long County 4-H Club, will take on the River Alive Cleanup Project. It is a public educational outreach campaign in relation to the EPD best management practices. Anyone, who wishes to volunteer, can meet at the Long County courthouse that morning at 8. For more information, call 545-3683.

Code enforcement
Code enforcement officer John Bradley reported four relocation permits in the county had been purchased as well as one in the city of Ludowici. There also had been three building permits bought, with 120 remaining open.
Bradley also noted there had been 81 homes sold from January through September in the county.

Bradley reported work was being done on the roads in the Burnt Pines subdivision and half of the culverts had been installed on the county road in the Timberland subdivision.

Commissioner Mike McGowan reported the E-911 Committee had met with GeoComm on Sept. 27, and it had been reported members of the county would start receiving their new addresses in November. He also noted that even though the addresses would be known, they could not be used until the post office notified the individual residents.

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