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Long County gets worker's comp refund
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LUDOWICI -- According to Long County Commission Chairman Randy Wilson, the Association County Commissioners of Georgia has announced the county would receive a refund.
The $8,238 refund comes as a dividend from the workers' compensation fund, which the county contributes into for its county employees.
The refund is Long County's portion, which was designated from the Board of Trustees, of the ACCG.
According to information provided by the ACCG, the refund is a result of the countys successful management efforts in implementing loss control and the promotion of safety, resulting in the reduction of injuries, claims and costs.
"We are happy to be receiving this amount back, and it is a testament to our employee's efforts in being safe on the job, and our efforts to provide a safe working environment for them", said Wilson.
According to Wilson the guidelines to qualify for a refund are stringent and not every county receives them.
"We have been able to receive this rating for over 10 tears now, and I am very proud and thankful for all who have helped us attain it," Wilson said.
He said Long and other counties contribute into the ACCG, pooling resources to provide workman's compensation insurance for employees.
"By being a part of this program, we cover our employees with workman's compensation, but we do it at a rate, which costs the taxpayers as little as possible," Wilson said.
According to Wilson, the dividend will be returned to the county in the form of a premium credit for the 2008 policy year.
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