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Long County holds ‘in person’ commission meeting
Long County Board of Commissioners

The Long County Board of Commissioners held their regular monthly meeting Sept. 1 at the Mary Ann Odum Government Annex Building. It was the Commissioners’ second in-person meeting since the pandemic hit the community in March.

After approving the previous meeting’s minutes the Commissioners received their monthly financial report and approved the motion to pay the County bills.

Jarren Fullmore, the President of the Home Owners Association of Murray Crossing asked if the county could take control of the roads in that area.  Fullmore was told by the Commissioners that they were not able to do so because the roads are not built up to the county’s specifications. The Board decided to send an engineer to look at the roads to see what needs to be done to meet their specifications.

The Commissioner’s approved the purchase for three vehicles from J.C. Lewis Ford in Hinesville. The Commissioners reported the vehicles will be used for code enforcement, the road department and fire department. They also approved to have a mobile unit sold to the highest bidder, which was Debra Harris for the amount of $11,500.

The commissioners approved the purchase of land in the Rye Patch Area to erect a Solid Waste Center. The waste center will not be visible to residents.  

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