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Long County school to get back to normal
Long HS
A woman walks out of Long County High School Friday. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
LUDOWICI — Long County High School will have a regular day on Monday, despite fears on Friday of a possible shooting, according to Superintendent Dr. Robert Waters.
The school heightened security with members of the Ludowici Police Department and the Long County Sheriff’s Department on Friday after threats alluding to a planned shooting at the school were discovered on My Space pages, and through several text messages.
According to LPD Sgt. J.D. Campbell at around 1 a.m. on Friday, his department received information of a student plot possibly at the school later that day.
Rumors spread like wildfire through students prior to school and, as a result of this, many students stayed home and many more were checked out by parents during the morning.
Campbell also reported that a 17-year-old male student, who was believed to be the primary instigator of the threats, was taken into custody Friday prior to school starting, and was being detained for questioning. Reports have also indicated several other students were questioned regarding the case.
Campbell said the case had been turned over to the Long County Sheriff’s Department for further investigation, and that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had also been called in to investigate.
Waters said that as a result of the threat, measures were taken on Friday to increase security at the school, but that the school operated on a regular schedule.
Just after classes Friday LCHS Principal Dr. Delores Mallard said there had been no incidents.
“The day went fine, just like any other regular day,” she said.
Waters did say classes were scheduled to take place normally Monday, with no anticipated changes.  The superintendent also said students who were not present on Friday would not be charged for having an absent day.
Saturday morning, LCSD Det. Nicky Anderson said the 17-year-old was not being identified and there was no other details for the public.
“At this time, we cannot release anything further regarding the case,” the detective said.
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