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Looking to get inked? Look no further than Hinesville
Karma Tattoo upclose
Karma piercer Kellie Phillips and Tattoo artist Sadia Ellis have experienced their fair share of interesting requests. - photo by Asha Gilbert
Tattoo feature-Rodney Christopher
Rodney “JB” Christopher has been tattooing for the last two years. - photo by Asha Gilbert

In Hinesville, Karma Tattoo and Piercing’s and Lucky Bella’s Tattoo shop are leaving 2018 trends in the past and looking forward to 2019.

“Entering into 2019, people are doing a lot of cartilage piercings on their ears but nose piercings are always the top piercings.” Karma Tattoo Piercer Kellie Phillips said.

 Phillips has been with Karma Tattoo and Piercing’s for over a year and has been piercing since the early 2000’s. She worked at a shop in Alabama for 15 years before moving to Hinesville.

Karma Tattoo Artist Jason Head has been tattooing for over 15 years. He said in 2018 the top tattoo was the howling wolf with pine trees in the background. It’s a tattoo request he hopes to leave behind.

“There are two types of people who get tattoos, the super specific, and the people who are open,” Head said. “People who are open stylistically get the best tattoos.”

Specializing in American traditional and Japanese tattoos, Head hopes 2019 will be the year of the Japanese body suit tattoos. He advises all customers to listen to the artist and to check people’s portfolios before getting tattooed.

“If we’re trying to talk you out of something, please take heed and listen,” Phillips said. 

Rodney “JB” Christopher II has been tattooing for the last two years. He has been working at Lucky Bella’s Tattoo shop for the last two months.

“Leaving 2018, I think black and grey realism were the top trending type of tattoos,” Christopher said. “I think realism is still going to be trending in 2019 with more vibrant colors but still along the lines of realism.”

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