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Low income housing proposed for Long County
Long County Board of Commissioners

The Long County Commissioners met May 5, to discuss the latest events concerning the town of Ludowici. 


First up was Realtor Jimmy Shanken who is proposing low-income housing in Long County within the city limits. He mentioned at the meeting that he is looking for a tax-credit developer.


"We can do an age base or income base tax credit project," said Shanken.


The tax credit system itself is for those individuals who have low income.


The projects are competitive against others in the state and Shanken would like to identify landowners who have anywhere from 3 to 20 acres within the city limits. 


The housing projects would also have to include water and sewage availability and a scoring system. 


The next item discussed was a vote on the Preliminary Plat for Palmer Place Subdivision Phases 4, 5, 6, and 7 in which the motion was carried by the Commissioners in a 3 to 1 vote. 


There are 17 lots between Phases 4 and 5 and adding a total of 67 lots together for both 6 and 7.


Next up was a vote a Preliminary Plat for Tatum Tract which was also accepted by the Commissioners. The Plat is a new division and an existing subdivision off of Palmer Rd. and it is less than 50 lots. 


The Commissioners then discussed the Award Long County 2021 TSPLOST Project-1 Bids in which they have a contract with J. Hines. 

Another award mentioned and motion approved was the Long County 2021 Safety Local Maintenance Improvements Grant. LMIG Project Bids. A grant was received and the low bidder was awarded to Roadside Specialties LLC. The grant fund was a total $55,917.12. 


Board Vacancies were also mentioned as the Commissioners are saving a spot for Alice Woodard. Woodard is on the Development Authority Board. Another member was mentioned but is unknown at this point until Commissioner Florence Baggs announces the name. Commissioner Baggs was not present at the meeting. 


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