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Ludowici audit completed and turned in
Ludowici Mayor Myrtice Warren takes her oath of office at the January city council meeting. - photo by Submitted / Coastal Courier
LUDOWICI - After being placed on a list in December for violating a state law requiring municipalities to file audits the city of Ludowici has been given its audit and it has been sent to the appropriate agencies, according to Mayor Myrtice Warren.
"We received the financial report from our CPA Thursday, and it was sent out on Friday," the mayor said.
According to the Warren, the "city of Ludowici annual financial report for the year ending Dec. 31, 2006" should be received by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and by the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts this week. Once it is processed, the city will be in good standing.
In information provided last month, Warren said the city's violation surprised both her and the city council. It was not the fault of the city's, but blame lay with the certified public accountant used to by Ludowici.
"We are glad this has been taken care of, and now we'll be able to receive some grant money which has been held up from all of the mess," Warren said.
She said the city will now receive $25,000 in grants, which had been held up due to the audit.
According to the city clerk, the city will receive $15,000 from a Local Assistance Grant and $10,000 from a Police Department Technology Grant.
The mayor also said she hopes tax revenue will start coming in soon. According to Warren, as a result of the revaluation on property and the appeal process, that revenue has been delayed.
"We are dependent on that money to pay the bills of the city, and with it not coming in and with us already having paid out for items which the (Local Assistance Grant Program) grant was supposed to pay for, we have been in a bind," Warren said.
She said the city hopes to avoid the same problem this year.
"(The 2007 report) has to be received by June 30, and we are in the process of doing everything that we can to make sure this doesn't happen again."
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