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Ludowici Police Department adds Kawasaki Mule to vehicle lineup
MR LPD mule
Ludowici Police Department officers JD Campbell, Jimmy Downs and Chief Richard Robertson pose with the new Mule 3010 vehicle. - photo by Mike Riddle / Coastal Courier
Ludowici has a new police vehicle cruising around town with the addition of a Kawasaki Mule.
Last week, the Ludowici Police Department picked up the 3010 diesel utility vehicle from Planet Cycle in Claxton and after a little work by Chief Richard Robertson and officers JD Campbell and Jimmy Downs, the green machine is ready to start enforcing the law.
“We got the vehicle through a program that Planet Cycle offers, and we wanted to try it out and see how it works,” Robertson said.
According to the chief, the vehicle will help tremendously with decreasing gasoline consumption.
“We were told that it will get between 55 and 60 miles to the gallon, and for just patrolling around town, that will be a big difference from the cars we are driving,” Robertson said.
The chief did say the Mule only will be used around town, and that police officers will still patrol in automobile as well.
Given the costs of gas now, Robertson said several people in the town had been by the police department to inquire about driving similar vehicles around town.
“I will be going before the City Council seeing about the possibility of establishing a Motorized Cart Ordinance in the city. If they decide to establish one, having this vehicle on hand will show everyone what they will need to do to make their vehicles legal to drive in the city,” the chief said.
The department received the Mule through a loaner program with the dealer, according to Robertson. If the dealer requests the Mule be returned, he will replace the utility vehicle with a comparable one.
“If the Council does decide to pass an ordinance, it won’t mean any vehicle can just drive around town,” Robertson said. “Those persons would still have to register their vehicle and have it inspected for safety.”
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