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Ludowici to fine for incorrect addresses
City council votes to opt out of E-911
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In a move to ensure residents properly post correct addresses on their homes, the Ludowici City Council passed a measure at its May meeting, stating that if the addressing was not completed by the end of the month, those property owners would be fined $35.
Council member Gwendolyn Davis, who made the motion to implement the ordinance, said the order was necessary.
“Well, one reason is that it’s required now for people to post their address at their residence,” she said. “Hopefully this will help motivate some people to get this done, but more important than that is it is being required to help first responders like the police department and the fire department to find the right house when there is an emergency and they are needed.”
Ludowici residents have until June 1 to comply with the requirements. If they have questions, they can call city hall at 545-9611.
In other business regarding emergency responsiveness, the council also voted not to participate in the Wiregrass E-911 project. According to Jim Fuller, who was the council member who made the motion for the measure, the city is not participating because of finances.
“If we join this, we would have to close the city jail to be able to fund it, and we just can’t do that at this time,” Fuller said. “We are open to listening to ways to perhaps join in the future, but that would have to be a way without us having to raise taxes.”
Even though the council opted out of participating or funding the project, according to earlier reports, emergency 911 calls made in Ludowici will go directly to the center in Darien, where a dispatcher will then send an emergency unit where needed.
The Wiregrass E-911 project is scheduled to go online June 14 and is a joint venture between Long and McIntosh counties.
In other business, Ludowici Police Chief Richard Robertson asked council for clarification on the ordinance against businesses cited for selling alcohol to minors.
The current ordinance states that for a business’ first offense they are placed on probation for six months, for a second offense their license to sell alcohol is suspended for six months, and for a third offense the business owner must appear before the council.
After a brief discussion, Fuller moved that in the future when a citation occurs that the business would have to go before the council, which would decided on a “case by case” situation how to deal with the offense. The motion passed unanimously.
In other business, the council:
* Hired Whitney McGowan and Maghan Heath as full-time employees, making it retroactive to when they were first hired part-time.
* Approved a measure to collected $1,000 per month from Mainstreet Broadband for allowing the company to install antennas for broadband services to be sold in the area.
* Amended an April decision to provide a Medicare supplement to vested employees. The amendment changed the required period for being an employee from 10 years to 20 years.
* Approved the locating and purchasing of a used backhoe.
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