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Ludowici to look at sewage tie-ins on individual cases
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The Ludowici City Council voted at its Dec. 9 meeting to amend the city’s ordinance on how sewage systems for new homes would be approved in the future.

According to Councilman Frank McClelland Jr., the city used to approve any new request for sewage tie-ins, but as a result of the limitations of the city system, that can’t be done anymore.

"We will still make sure that — and place where an existing property is — they can be tied into the system, but as for new construction, we will have to look at them on a case-by-case situation, and make sure that the city’s system will work with it being added on," McClelland said.

Councilman Jim Fuller added that this was necessary because of more stringent Environmental Protection Division requirements.

The Council also discussed finding additional space to store records, and looking into whether or not it can destroy some old city documents. According to McClelland, the city stores a lot of old records at the old City Hall, in the train depot.

However, as a result of the building being turned over to the county, the city now plans to remove and destroy some of those records. The council gave city attorney Richard Phillips the task of finding what legal guidelines need to be met to accomplish that goal. Phillips told the Council he would do some research and report back to it in January.

The Council also approved of the closing and selling of 200 feet of land that runs between the property of Shad Dasher and Sean Tucker. At one time, the land, which is about 20-feet wide, was used by traffic for access.

According to the Council, since the property is no longer needed — and at the homeowners’ request — it will be sold to the two adjacent property owners for one dollar each.

The Council also voted to give each city employee a $150 Christmas bonus, a half day off Dec. 23, and full days off on Dec. 24, 25 and 26. The Council also approved off days on Dec. 31, Jan. 1 and Jan. 2.

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