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Marne week comes to an end
Friday marked the end of the Marne Week festivities on Fort Stewart.
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Marne Ceremony 2

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Hundreds of active duty soldiers, veterans and their families gathered on Fort Stewart’s Cottrell Field Friday for a closing ceremony, marking the end of Marne Week activities, which celebrated the 91st birthday of the Marne Division. Third Infantry Division commander, Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo, announced the first place winners of various Marne Week sporting events. He praised his soldiers for their hard work and commitment, asking them to continue their dedication to “a cause much larger than themselves,” like those who served before them.  “You and I owe them our best efforts. We owe them our best efforts as soldiers,” Cucolo said to the soldiers. After the cannons fired, the colors were presented and the band called for attention, veterans of all the wars fought by the 3rd Infantry Division since it was established in Camp Green, N.C., in 1917 lined up behind a post representing the war they fought in.  Shortly thereafter, soldiers from each unit on post proudly marched past them, saluting them as they walked by.  Jimmy Waynick, a Vietnam veteran and Fort Stewart’s veteran of the year, stood at attention at the Vietnam War post. The ceremony, he said, brought tears to his eyes. “To be honored, to have these troops march in front of you, is heartfelt,” he said. “These guys are doing a great job, and I am sure they’ve learned from what we did.”The ceremony ended with the singing of the doged faced soldier song and an explosion of “hooohahs” from the crowd.
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