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Follow golfers' ranks on social media
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DALLAS, April 7, 2015/PRNewswire/ -- Golf Digest and MVPindex have teamed up to launch the first real time, curated social media hub for golf fans just in time for the Masters. Social Insider: 79th Masters Tournament will rank all participants in the Masters by the top social media engagement during the tournament and feature the most popular content from the field and prominent sports media during Masters week. 

"Fans looking for the most engaging Masters-related content from the top three social media platforms will get exactly that from the Social Insider," said Ashley Mayo, senior editor of audience engagement at Golf Digest. "MVPindex will curate the best Masters content from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, allowing fans to cut through the clutter and see only the top content from their favorite players and media members in real time. Fans can link through the social content to explore the feeds of their favorite players."

MVPindex, the first sports social media intelligence platform that tracks more than 25,000 athletes and 1,000 teams across 41 sports, will be providing the data for the Social Insider.

"We're excited about this opportunity to partner with Golf Digest to highlight the social side of the game," said MVPindex CMO and Co-FounderKyle Nelson. "Our technology will be selecting the most engaging content to share with fans and powering a social leaderboard to show who is engaging off the course as well as on.

"Because our database of over 43 million data points allows us to rank and value athlete digital brand value, we were an ideal fit to create a curated social hub that ranks brand ambassadors and the content they create."

Social Insider: 79th Masters Tournament will launch during Masters week fromThursday, April 9 untilSunday, April 12.

About MVPindex

MVPindex is the first sports social media intelligence platform, tracking more than 25,000 athletes in over 41 leagues by pulling data from over 43,000 social media accounts across the five most popular social platforms. We measure and deliver the most comprehensive aggregation of social media rankings, data and intelligence in sports to brands, marketers, teams, leagues, agencies and the media. To schedule a demo and get more information on the platform, visit

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