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Mayor at home in Midway
Midway Mayor Don Emmons is serving his second year in his elected post. Previously, he spent four years on the city council. - photo by Photo by Matt Norsworth
Midway Mayor Don Emmons has lived all over the world, but he and his wife, Jeanne, chose Midway to be their home when he retired 15 years ago.
The mayor is originally from a small town in eastern Washington state. His last three years of service in the Army and Air Force Exchange Service brought him to Fort Stewart from Portugal.
Emmons was general manager of the AAFES facilities at Fort Stewart and, upon retirement, he and his wife decided Midway and Liberty County had everything they needed for their retirement home.  
Emmons spent four years on the city council and is now well into his second year as mayor.
When not on the job, he enjoys taking care of his yard, garden and fish pond.
But when serving the community, the mayor loves to be able to help people. No matter how great or small, he enjoys the feeling of solving problems — for an individual, group of people or the entire city.
 That desire to help people in the Midway community carries over to his pride in small town and its history as well.  
Thus far, Emmons and the city council have made a point to ensure “the historic district and the surrounding areas are  protected and to take the views of the people in the community  for our master plan and the future development into consideration as well. This is their city and our citizens’ views are important.”
The mayor said he feels the Midway area’s history and historic sites are the center of the community’s character.
He noted he doesn’t ever want the city to lose that value because it is so rich and unique.  
“We have the whole spectrum of history here on the coast in Liberty County,” he said.
One would have to agree with Emmons since Midway dates back the colonial days. Key benchmarks in America’s history have roots in the quaint community.
When asked about the balance of protecting Midway’s history with the obvious progression of growth and new development, Emmons said, “Controlled and smart development is the key. Development will be balanced based on our history and this will play on the design role and look of future development. We have a master plan for our city and we will do our very best to adhere to the principles of the plan.”
Emmons’ vision for the future is, “Balanced growth and development that improves the quality of life and promotes our worth and value historically.”  
After speaking with the mayor, it’s not too difficult to determine he is a very proud leader and proponent of Midway and the area,
“We have more history than most any other county on the east coast.  We will be a destination someday and will be able to share our history,” he said.
Residents and business owners in the Midway community can rest assured the mayor intends to balance the community’s history with development as he envisions this “coastal community with development coming with small-town opportunities and a hometown feel.
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