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Medians through county will cost $40M
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Reynolds Smith and Hills senior planner Beverly Davis presented an updated proposal concerning the construction of highway medians on Highway 84 during a recent Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission meeting.
The medians would span the Liberty County and be placed in high traffic areas to increase safety and curb wrecks, the consultant said.
The planning commission and Reynolds are currently looking for grants and private contractors who would help cut into the $40 million price tag for these landscaped medians, she said.
Currently, the Georgia Department of Transportation is ready to give $1 million for this project, planning commission Director Sonny Timmerman said.
“The medians would feature landscaping, trees and sidewalks, and they would enhance the aesthetics of (Highway) 84,” Davis said.
The next step will be to finalize and submit a report, and to continue to figure out how to pay for this project, the consultant said.
“We have spoken to many residents and businesses in the area who would be affected by these medians, and their response has been mostly positive because many are aware that the heavy traffic in this county needs to be improved as both development and the population is steadily increasing,” Timmerman said.
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