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Military career fair draws big crowd of veterans
More than 303 job seekers came to the career fair to speak with recruiters from 29 different veteran-friendly companies. - photo by Photo by Jessica Duncan
For Nichele James, finding a secure job during a national economic downturn has been difficult, despite her background in the military and her residency in a military-centric town. She currently works as a cook at Hunter Air Force Base but she said, "it's only a temporary job, and I'm looking for something permanent. I want job security."
James isn't the only veteran having a hard time. At yesterday's RecruitMilitary career fair in Hinesville, 303 job seekers visited with recruiters from the 29 companies represented, which included the CIA, the Dallas Police Department, Duke Energy Corporation, The Home Depot, the IRS and U.S. Border Patrol.
"Believe it or not," said RecruitMilitary's regional career fair sales director Robert Walker, "we have more companies here now than we did at the first career fair we had this year. A lot of these companies are recession proof, and they still need to hire and they still need to get things done."
Despite the100 degree heat, job seekers flooded the fair to speak with companies. "It's hot, but if somebody needs a job, nothing is going to keep them from looking for one," Walker said.
RecruitMilitary is veteran owned and operated, and it caters to veterans, members of the National Guard and reserve forces, and even military spouses. The company's career fairs try to help veterans cross over into civilian life by providing them with access to veteran-friendly job recruiters.
"These are great because you can see what's out there," James said. "The opportunities are pretty limited in Hinesville, and you may not know how to find the resources to get in touch with these companies otherwise."
While veterans are granted access to job opportunities not otherwise made apparent to them, the companies and agencies represented at yesterday's career fair benefit from job seekers' military experience. "The way they train in the army crosses over to a lot of civilian work," said Angela Saleeby, senior nuclear recruiter for Duke Engery Corporation, based out of Charlotte, N.C. "Military is very good experience for a lot of our positions."
Sharon, a recruiter for the CIA who wouldn't reveal her last name, said, "We get to help and support veterans, because the skill sets they have from their military experience are good for the agency."
Based on RecruitMilitary's in-house surveys, career fairs do more than just provide job seekers with information and access.
"At least 20 percent [of the people who come to these career fairs] get second interviews or job offers," Walker said.
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