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Military spouse's death was apparent suicide
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“No indication of any criminal activity of any kind,” is the Fort Stewart command’s response to the rash of rumors that sprang up in the wake of the death of a soldier’s spouse last week.

Fort Stewart’s garrison commander, Col. Todd Buchs, told the Coastal Courier Friday evening that the investigation, which is continuing, had found “no signs of forced entry” to the Liberty Woods home where the body was found, no evidence of sexual assault and no sign of foul play.

Buchs said the wounds appeared to have been self-inflicted and that there was some indication of marital discord.

The 3rd ID soldier had been deployed at the time of the incident, Buchs said.

Buchs said, “Exactly as we are now cautioning our residents about weather hazards, if we felt there was any criminal threat to the Fort Stewart community, we would alert them and take appropriate steps.”

Rumors of serial rapes and murders spread rapidly after a regional daily newspaper reported last week that the woman’s body had been found in a Liberty Woods house.

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