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Beaufort women provide pillows to soldiers
pillows for patriots
These deploying soldiers received compact pillows from Pillows for Patriots, a nonprofit organization. The group’s military mom founders wanted to help soldiers sleep better. - photo by Photo provided.
Barb Farrior of Beaufort wanted to do something to maker her son more comfortable while he serves in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Farrior got together with another military mom, Jenny Bush, and the pair established Pillows for Patriots, a nonprofit that raises funds to send compact pillows to deployed troops.
“We realized that one of the simple needs of our sons and all their comrades in combat, was to have a small, compact pillow — not issued by the government — which could easily fit in a field pack, so during those rare moments of being able to rest, they would be able to truly have an ‘adrenaline break,’” Farrior said.
“We’ve provided 3,200 pillows so far to two large units at Fort Stewart,” she said. “We’ve shipped out more than 12,000 since August.”
The washable pillows, made by Harris Pillow Supply in Beaufort, can easily be rolled and folded so soldiers can take them into combat.
“John and Patrick Harris of Harris Pillow Supply donated quality, durable pillows to the initial project and agreed to manufacture future pillows at their cost,” Farrior said.
The organization can distribute pillows to troops already serving in Iraq and Afghanistan or to units prior to deployment. The last option is the easiest, the military mom said.
“The most cost-effective method is to ship the pillows to military bases in the U.S. just prior to deployment,” Farrior said.
Pillows are shipped in units of 25 per box.
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