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Cottonbaler Soldiers make difference with Iraqi medical relief mission
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FORWARD OPERATING BASE ISKAN, Iraq -- SFC Monty Ranisate, Sgt. Geri Seagrove, SSgt. Cedric Williams and PFC Michael Arvizu all assigned to the Medical Platoon of 3-7 Infantry Battalion recently participated in a medical relief mission in Khidr, southwest of Baghdad in Babil Province.
On Jan. 28, the soldiers worked with an Iraqi army unit to provide basic medical care to the returning population of an area that was, until recently, terrorized by al Qaeda.
"By coming out here and doing this with the Iraqi army, the families know that we are serious and want to help them," 3-7 commander Lt. Col. Timothy Newsome said.
Throughout the day, coalition and Iraqi Army doctors treated more than 500 people.  Many seen during the day received care for injuries or illnesses than might not otherwise have been treated.
"I'm really proud of how our medics have pulled together to lead the way in planning this mission and how they've worked together with the Iraqi Army so well that we were able to provide medical care for everyone that showed up today and didn't have to turn anyone away.  I think the Iraqi people here really appreciate what we're doing," Lt. Col. Timothy Monahan, the 3-7's battalion surgeon, said.  
The mission was such a success that the medical platoon is already working with the Iraqi army planning the next one.
All of the soldiers have been put in for an Army Commendation Medal for their roles in the mission.
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