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MPs deloying to Afghanistan
MR baby
MP Christopher Good holds his 2-month-old baby as he prepares to deploy to Afghanistan early this week after a ceremony at Fort Stewart. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
Christopher Good, a soldier in the 293rd Co., 16th Military Police Brigade, 385th MP Battalion, stood in formation on Dragoon Field Friday morning in front of a solemn audience of friends and family.
He and the approximately 150 soldiers standing next to him are slated to deploy, beginning a mission of training and working with Afghani law enforcement agencies.
Good’s mother sat in the crowd.
“His sister’s in basic training right now and they haven’t seen each other in while, and they won’t  be able to see each other for at least another year,” she said. “But, she just got special permission to be able to talk to him for an hour before he deploys. They’re pretty strict in basic, but they’re allowing her to call him.”
After the ceremony, Good stood next to his mother holding his 2-month-old son who donned a miniature pair of camouflage pants similar to his father’s.  But, he wasn’t the only father, son or brother saying goodbye as families of all kinds came out to wish the soldiers luck on their mission.
Company commander Lt. Col. Michael C. Henshaw said the mission is about safety.
“The police are all about security and bringing security to the people,” Henshaw said. “It’s about being able to turn that country around, to ensure democracy for its people.”
He said some of the soldiers are returning to the Middle East for their fourth or fifth deployment, while others are going overseas for the first time.
The battalion chaplain, Cpt. Raja Kandanda, prayed for the safety of all the soldiers and asked the veterans to use their wisdom to help lead the new soldiers. Kandanda had another request as well.
“May you go before and make their path straight,” he prayed.
His wife, Adele, was among the crowd also showing her support.
“I have so much heart and love and gratitude for them,” she said.
More soldiers will deploy in the next few months as elements of the 3rd Infantry Division will again go to Iraq.
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