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Officers help soldiers celebrate Thanksgiving at home
webtday cornucopia
Chefs cooked up and then filled cornucopias for the dining halls. - photo by U.S. Army photo
The 3rd Infantry Division's dining facilities served Thanksgiving meals for soldiers and Army families Thursday.
Division commander, Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo visited each dining halls that day to celebrate the holiday with soldiers, many of whom were in Iraq this time last year, and families and to present food service awards to the dining facilities.
The commander and other officers helped serve meals at the Marne dining facility and then ate with soldiers and families.  The group then moved on to the Provider and Spartan dining facilities.
Col. Terry Ferrill, 3rd Infantry Division chief of staff and former 2nd BCT commander, said this Thanksgiving was special to home because last year he and many of his troops spent the holiday in Iraq, in a land of turmoil where soliders had to react and remain vigilant during a time of conflict - taking a moment where they could.  He said this Thanksgiving was particiluarly special to him because this year, most of the soldiers of the 3rd ID were able to spend it with their families, knowing they helped make a difference there.    
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