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Speed limit reduced during training
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The speed limit on two Georgia highways on Fort Stewart will be reduced to 45 mph in May because of training for the 41st Brigade Combat Team.
The speed limit reduction affects Highway 144 from Glennville to Richmond Hill and Highway 119 from Fort Stewart to Pembroke. The speed limit reduction is within the Fort Stewart training area only and goes into effect Saturday.
Drivers using highways 144 and 119 need to be aware of the speed limit reduction and increased traffic because of the training. Drivers should give themselves more time to arrive at their destinations and are encouraged to use alternate routes until the exercises are complete.
Tactical vehicles are required to drive 40 mph, so drivers should be prepared to adjust their speed. All speed limit signs on the highway will be changed to read 45 mph. Additional signs will be posted along the highways alerting drivers to the training.
The 41st BCT, an Oregon Army Nation Guard unit, will be training on Fort Stewart from May-July in preparation for deployment.
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