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Troops getting enthusiastic welcome
Family and friends let their feelings be known as troops arrive. - photo by Photo by Frenchi Jones
The crowd went wild at Fort Stewart’s Cottrell Field early Thursday morning as the 3rd Infantry Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team continued its trek home.
The 12:45 a.m. ceremony was one of three held Dec. 10-11 for 4th BCT troops returning to Fort Stewart after a 14-month tour of duty in Iraq.
Buses carrying almost 600 returning troops — the largest return of 4th Brigade soldiers since they began their re-
deployments earlier this month — made their way down Fort Stewart’s main strip to the whoops and hollers of family members excited about their soldiers return.
The troops were welcomed back by Brig. Gen. Patrick Donohue, the 3rd ID’s assistant division commander for maneuver.
By his side was Sasha Phillips, wife of Staff Sgt. Ronald Phillips Jr. Her husband died on Sept. 25 from wounds he suffered when his vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device. He was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 4th BCT.
“She said she wanted to welcome you home, and that she is very proud of all of you,” Donohue said.
The 4th Brigade began its deployment last August. It was the last of the 3rd ID’s brigades to deploy to Iraq from Fort Stewart.
The 4th BCT will continue
to return throughout Decem-
ber.  The entire brigade is scheduled to be home before Christmas.
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