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Murder suspects arraigned, trials set later this year
Eptwarnd Saunders

Eptwarnd Saunders and Jason Glass were arraigned in court Feb. 13 in front of Liberty County Superior Court Judge Robert Russell, and their cases are set for jury trials in the spring and summer.

Saunders was arrested in February 2018 for the murder of James Caswell Jones. Jones’ body was found outside an unoccupied residence beside his truck on Freedman Grove Road in Fleming, according to a previous Courier report. Saunders is charged with one count of murder and one count aggravated assault.

Saunders remains in custody of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, and is in the process of hiring and requesting an attorney, according to the Public Defender John Ely. Saunders entered a not guilty plea. Russell scheduled Saunders’ next court appearance to the criminal non-jury calendar date in April.

Glass was originally arrested in April 2018 after a domestic disturbance at a home in Walthourville. Glass is accused of reportedly killing his mother-in-law, Jean Coral, and assaulting his ex-wife Toni Schwacha. Glass was arrested by LCSO without incident.

The current arrest is not Glass’s first, according to a previous Courier report. Public records show Glass served four months in prison in 1996 for motor vehicle theft, and served three years of a 20 year sentence for child molestation.

Glass is also currently in custody with the LCSO, and entered a not guilty plea. Russell continued the case, and it will come back in the summer to be tried by a jury.


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