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Naked man spotted walking along Highway 84 in Hinesville
cop handcuffs

The Hinesville Police Department responds to many calls, some odd, ranging from exasperated parents wanting a police officer to discipline their child to a cat stuck in a tree. Yesterday, the call was about a man in the buff strolling along the busiest highway in Hinesville.

According to an incident report filed by Hinesville Patrol Officer Limayri Cruz, who was dispatched to East Oglethorpe Highway in front of Bojangles restaurant, there was a nude man standing in traffic around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Cruz said in the report, “Upon arrival in the area, the male was walking on the sidewalk eastbound on Oglethorpe Highway. I made contact with the male who attempted to walk into oncoming traffic. I stopped and detained him until backup arrived on scene.”

As Cruz began gathering information from the man he told her his name was “Master God” and he was naked because he is “Master God.” He continued to tell Cruz he had allegedly walked from Midtown, N.J., and he was thirsty and had not drunk any water in a month.

The man, whom the Courier will not identify in light of his circumstances, was calmly led into an ambulance and taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center in Hinesville where he was placed under observation.

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