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New platform launched for minority businesses
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The Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber of Commerce Inc., has released a Facebook and Linkedin type platform that is an e-commerce marketplace for minority retailers, educators, contractors, and wantrepreneurs called "The Market."

The Market is a premier online network that gives minority entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, and contractors the persona and voice that will assist them with creating their brands and connect them with potential customers, education, resources, and opportunities nationally and internationally.

"I started formulating the idea in 2017, after learning and personally experiencing the hurdles that minority owners and contractors had to endure after landing my product brand in a big box retailer,” CGMCC Director Sabrina Newby said. “I immediately began delving deeply into advocating for resources that would assist with moving minority business enterprises forward. Then COVID hit with such tenacity and economic devastation. It has completely changed the way we do business." 

The Market offers its subscribers an interactive gateway to finding information, mentoring, networking, resources, and products from minority-focused stakeholders interested in helping disenfranchised owners break through difficult barriers and oversaturated markets typically faced by minority owners and contractors. The marketplace empowers minority small businesses and culture-conscious consumers to network, learn, and network directly with their target audience. 

African-Americans have a buying power of $1 trillion plus dollars, Newby said. The Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber of Commerce's Market leverages that buying power through a comprehensive platform that allows a business to launch and or grow their businesses through the power of group economics and empowerment.

"The Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber of Commerce's Market aim is to help minority entrepreneurs and contractors pitch their products or services directly to big-box retailers and mainstream industries without worrying about having to figure it out,” Newby said. “The Market is a real effort toward economic independence. Primed to give minority entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, and contractors a much-needed boost and pipeline towards obtaining certifications and distribution deals that help create economic empowerment."

Newby added that the platform will be a cultural hub where members can connect and support one another by offering news, tips, classes, and events to MBEs. Nearly half of minority businesses are closing due to Covid-19. 

“The Market gives a glimmer of hope through community resources and support,” Newby said.

The Market is currently offering a 6-month free trial membership during COVID 19 to assist businesses, afterwards a low monthly fee will be applied.

To learn more about The Market, please go to 

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