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No quarantine for scammers
SCAM Alert

It doesn’t take much for scammers to find new ways of conning us. Now, with the country on edge fighting this invisible virus enemy, the thieves have gotten even more creative and the scams are more targeted.

What they want most from us is what they always want: personal information and money. 

With relief checks going out to millions of Americans, the crooks are cashing in by sending email or calling to say you qualify for a coronavirus grant, and that they can help you get it. What they want is your personal information. Variations include offers of fake vaccines, fake cures and treatments, air filters, masks and hand sanitizers at inflated prices.

You might get an alarming coronavirus email that prompts you to click links for more information on the virus. Don’t do it – scam email can download malware onto your computer.

Another scam offers at-home virus test kits, but you’ll need to provide your personal information, including credit card numbers. The email is made to look like it came from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Even without the virus, the scammers are always active.

If you need to order your military records or any kind of government form, it’s free; just call the VA. The swindlers, calling themselves advocates for veterans, say they can “help” you get those by charging a fee. There are no secret programs or special entitlements that can get you more money either. The thieves want your personal information.

The VA isn’t going to call to collect personal information from you or to update your file. They want it in writing. If somebody calls claiming to be from the VA, asking for your banking info so more money can be deposited into your account, it’s a scam. 

If you get a monthly benefit, be careful who you trust for financial advice. 

Thieves would love to get hold of that money with a “pension advance” scam.

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