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84-year-old still enjoys the sport
Cane pole in hand, Olner Nobles holds up a catch. - photo by Photo provided.
Eighty-four year old Olner Nobles of Riceboro (sister of Riceboro City Councilman Henry Relaford) has fished for 60 years. She describes herself as a “free spirit.” When she turned 65, she received an honorary fishing license.
“We grew up in Bulloch County, and I love to fish. If I get one bite, it encourages me to stay for the second,” Nobles said. “I will fish until the tide gets low. I catch most of my fish when the tide is going out,” she said.
Nobles gives most of her catch away.
“The fish might bite one day; and the next day there is nothing,” she said.
She fishes with her sister, Bernice Roberts, also of Riceboro. Their main spots are a park in Richmond Hill, Harris Neck, a bridge at St. Simons Island and a canal on Highway 17.
She once caught a 5-pound shark at South Newport.
“I fought with it for five to 10 minutes before someone on a boat helped me out.
“You can generally catch freshwater fish the whole season,” she said. “My grandson took me to Jacksonville last year to do a little fishing. He is supposed to take me again this year, and I am looking forward to it.
“When we go fishing, we catch a variety, whiting, croakers, flounders, sheephead and drums in saltwater; and bass, brim, crappie, mullets and red breast in fresh water.
“I use shrimp to catch the whiting and earthworms for mullets. I like to eat mullets. They taste just like whiting.”
When she is not fishing, Nobles spends time at the senior citizens’ center in Hinesville. Every Wednesday, she is in charge of the seniors’ exercise.
“I love going to the center, and I love to garden,” she said.
Nobles has five sons (one died in 2004) and 10 daughters. “I have 40 plus grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.”
“I met a young man (Shawn Posey) five years ago while I was fishing. He is like a son to me. I claim him as my godson.”
She is a member of the Riceboro Church of God.
Nobles also enjoys her dog whom she named “Trash.”
“I found him in the trash pile one day, and he has been good company to me.”
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