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Area hunter gets huge gator
Cassie Standard poses with the 12 foot 407 pound gator.

Local hunters Cassie Standard; her father, Jerome; and her uncle, Bubba Crowley, opened alligator season Sept. 7 by nabbing this 407-pound, 12-foot gator. Cassie Standard said it was the biggest gator the trio had seen or taken down. Standard, an avid bow hunter, hit the gator with an arrow. She said they had to get another line on the gator and had to nab him with a giant treble hook, a harpoon and finally finish it off with a pistol. Standard said it was a one-hour battle and called the experience scary but exciting. “I have been all around the world, hunting,” Cassie Standard said. “But this was, by far, the most exciting hunt I have ever been on.”

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