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Bass, BoatU.S. announce partnership
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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The nation’s leading bass fishing organization and recreational boating association have teamed up to give bass anglers a bunch of benefits that will help them get the most out of their trailerboat angling. The new BASS and BoatU.S. Angler alliance announced today will give BASS members the opportunity to join BoatU.S. Angler – part of the nation’s largest recreational boating association – for only $12.50 annually. In addition, the alliance offers BoatU.S. Angler boat insurance with additional policy features available only to BASS members.

"This alliance gives BASS members access to benefits, services, and discounts they would not normally have with their regular membership," said BoatU.S. Angler Director Mike Pellerin.

With BoatU.S. Angler membership, BASS members have access to BoatU.S. Angler insurance policies with additional features at no cost, including $1000 in coverage for a boat trailer, and a lower deductible for electronics and trolling motors. This comes on top of $5,000 of equipment coverage for tackle, automatic tournament liability coverage and reimbursement of entry fees if an incident prevents attendance, and generous cruising areas that don’t require having to call for an extension when fishing far from home. BoatU.S. also offers fishing guide policies.

BASS members can get a free quote at .

BASS members will also get $50 of on-the-road towing coverage for getting a disabled fishing boat trailer or tow vehicle to a repair facility, $50 of on-the-water towing coverage for the boat which is provided largest towboat fleet in the country, 24-hour nationwide dispatch service, discounts on fuel and repairs at over 900 marinas nationwide, West Marine store discounts, a new online bait and tackleshop locator offering discounts, a subscription to BoatU.S. Angler Magazine and more.

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