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Dedicated anglers brave the heat
Tom Bentley and Brad Evans, pictured, went fishing with Stan Kane on June 19 at St. Catherines sound. They caught three cobia, three Spanish mackerel and three kingfish. - photo by Photo courtesy of Stan Kane

Hey, friends and fellow fisherman. Tight Line Jr. here. Hope all is well and that you’re A.C. is in good, working condition.

Well, it’s hot, but some folks are catching fish and that’s a good thing. Here are some reports out of Yellow Bluff Marina and from around the coastal area.

Billy Kirk and party landed 20 nice trout and two flounder. Shawn Branson, fishing with Jake Horton, had 18 trout and three spottail. David Rogers, fishing with Steve Collins, pulled in 20 sweet-tasting trout — gotta love it. My man Stan Cane netted three cobia, three Spanish mackerel and two kingfish. Check out his photo! And Mr. Roy Redman, flying solo, got 15 good-size trout boat side.

One thing I would like you all to be aware of is that as of July 5, Yellow Bluff Marina will become private. For more information, call the Yellow Bluff sales office. That’s all I have to say on that matter.

The dock tour was hot this week. Tight Line Jr. and Boo Hall had four sheephead and three doormat flounder — and that’s off the dock.

Rayburn at Yellow Bluff has live, local shrimp at $18 a quart and minnows, which don`t cost as much. Halfmoon has live shrimp. Sunbury C.C. and Marina has live shrimp and minnows. And Big Rudy at the Sunbury Country Store will sell you some frozen shrimp or finger mullet if you can get him off the phone. That’s just a little joke about my buddy.

Here is a little something that happened to me this week that I would like to share.

I was standing in line on Fort Stewart this week right behind a soldier. He said, "Go ahead, sir."

And I said, "Call me Don and I will call you sir because you, my friend, wear the uniform, and that’s what it means me."

He said, "Thanks, Don." And I bought him his Red Bull.

As I was leaving, he said, "Hey, Don, you made my day." I told him he made me proud to be an American.

Now there is to something to think about while you are wetting a hook.

Remember what Ol’ Tight Line always said get out there and go fishing and if you do, always remember to keep a tight line.

Until next time, do me a favor — wet a hook. It’s good for ya!

Your buddy,

Tight Line Jr

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