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Dont let the hot weather keep you from catching a big one
Donny Branch
Tight Line Jr., Donny Branch - photo by Photo provided.

Hey folks, Tight Line Jr., here and I’m wondering is it hot enough for you?
Well, I know it’s a bit warm, but this weather is the best time to go fishing. Try leaving for the docks at daybreak and heading back to unload your catch by
10 a.m. If you haven’t caught anything by then, take a breather and try again in the late afternoon.
While you’re at it, treat your father to a fishing trip today. It’s a great way to celebrate Father’s Day.
I do have a few reports from our area to share with you all.
Mr. Danny Goodman made his mark this past week. First he went out on a solo run and caught the limit on trout. Later he went out with Danny Eller and the duo landed 15 trout. One of Eller’s catches weighed in at four pounds. That’s what you call a gator trout.
Later in the week, Goodman went fishing with young Ben Eller. Eller said they caught about 25 fish but only nine were keepers. As long as you get the chance to go fishing that’s still not a bad day’s catch.
Next weekend, the St. Catherines fishing club is having a tournament, and if you are interested in the details just call my friends at Halfmoon Marina at 884-5819 or Yellow Bluff Marina at 884-5448.
My old compadre David L. Bush and my cousin David Fennel helped me officially kick off the dock tours. They landed three nice spottails and a nice sheepshead, and I can’t wait to get out there and wet another hook.
If you need bait, remember that Yellow Bluff has live local shrimp, pollywogs and a variety of frozen bait. Halfmoon Marina has frozen bait and may have some live local shrimp. Big Rudy over at the Sunbury County Store has frozen local shrimp and squid. The Sunbury Crab Company and Marina has live shrimp and pollywogs. The Midway Feed and Supply has fresh and salt water bait.
I always like to have live shrimp and minnows when I go fishing. I will say this — I have caught plenty of nice fish on good old dead bait.
Why don’t do you do your dad a favor today and take him to the Sunbury Crab Company’s Sunset Party, which will feature the Midway All-Stars? There will be plenty of food and drink specials.
I know my dad, Ol’ Tight Line, will be watching the fun from above.
Until next time, remember what Ol’ Tight Line always said: Get out there and get fishing and if you do, always remember to keep a tight line. I always say hit the docks, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down. Now get out there and wet a hook; it’s good for the soul.

Your buddy,
Tight line Jr.

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