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Fish bite despite wind
Tight Line article
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Ole’ Tight Line here friends and fellow anglers and I’m still kicking.
The weather’s been nice but I’ll be darned if I’ve ever seen the wind blow like this every day. Yet and still there were some reports of fish caught.
Capt. Joe Maley and Tommy Harmon went fishing out by Sunbury Crab Company and Marina and caught 5 nice flounder and 15 trout.
Jimmy and Ronda Hill caught 30 trout. Now that ought to keep a marriage together. Mike Brooker and Tommy Poindexter landed 22  blues, five Spanish mackerel and 12 trout.  They caught the Spanish mackerel on an inside line drop. How about that?
Capt. Rob Bragg went fishing with Pat Strickland and Mark Boley and caught seven dolphins, four of which were over 25 pounds. They also landed a 50-pound wahoo, and to that I say WHOO-HOO.
Ray Goodman of Yellow Bluff reports he has plenty of shrimp and minnows.
Well, friends, get out there and get fishing and remember if you do to always keep a tight line.
Ole’ Tight Line  

Tight Line Jr. here, and I’d like to report that the dock tour is back in full swing. My new co-captain, Allen “Boo” Hall, landed a 20-inch spottail and five black drum. Junior lost a big one. It was a beauty of a spottail bass. Although I lost that one I did manage to land a few black drum. Remember to keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down.
Your buddy,
Tight Line Jr.
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