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Fishing action heats up
Well friends, it looks like the fishing was good all around this week.
I received several reports from Ray Goodman at Yellow Bluff and from Barney Maley at Maley’s Dock and Marina.
Jim Argo was fishing with Steve Trimble when they landed four large kings, two black bass and one triggerfish. Bob and Clint Bitzer went out fishing for two days with Josh Holiday and Abrams Branson. They were able to catch 42 trout in their excursion.
Capt. Bing Phillips took Robert Moody out for some fishing and together they caught 60 sea bass, 12 kings, eight red snapper and five triggerfish.
Buddy Powell and Lance Muller went out of Plantation Hammock and caught 30 trout and three bass. Powell later went out solo and landed 15 trout and five bass.
Tony and Ryan Harmon set out and caught 24 trout and six whiting. Joe Maley went out with Tony Harmon and they caught six spot tail bass, 10 trout and a whiting. Harmon took out a fishing party from Maley’s Dock and later caught 10 spot tail bass, two flounders and four whiting.
The weather is pleasant and the time seems right to go out and cast a line.
If you do go fishing, remember, to always keep a tight line.

The dock tour had a big highlight last weekend. A   new member of the tour caught a 22-inch spot tail  bass. You should have seen  her smile. She said it was the biggest fish she ever caught inshore — and it was caught right off the docks.

Donnie Branch
Tight Line Jr.
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