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Fishing is slow
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With coastal fishing, there has not been much activity for the past week. I only received a couple of fishing reports.
The fishing activity was slow because of the high tides. There were some marsh hen hunters out because the tides were running high and the wind was blowing the tides up and the marsh hen hunters had a good high tide for hunting.
John Rogers and Larry Wells had a good catch of trout. They stopped by the house to give me the fishing report and they also gave me a mess of trout.
Also, Johnny Gaskin, Jason Jones and his son, Crew Jones, caught 39 trout, 1 bass and 1 flounder.
And there was another rare catch made. Paul Zeckman caught a gag grouper in the cast net at Max Wellton.
We will be having some good fishing tides for all of October, except the last week in the month.
So plan a fishing trip while we are having good fishing tides and catch some fish.
Just remember, if you do go fishing to always remember to keep a tight line.
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