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Fishing report from Goodman of Yellow Bluff fishing camp
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These are the fishing reports I received from Raymond Goodman of Yellow Bluff fishing camp:

Shannon Eller fishing with Gary Phillips landed 10 gator trout, two bass and one drum. Roy Scofield and wife caught 30 trout. John Wheeler and wife, fishing for two days, landed 46 trout. Bill Forehan and party caught 10 bass and 13 trout. Roy Redmond and his wife caught 25 trout. Jack Moody and party landed 10 bass, eight trout and three
flounder. John Shuman and party caught 21 trout and eight bass. Bing Phillips and Robert Moody, fishing for two days, caught 60 trout. Jimmy Hill and wife caught 30 trout and five bass.
Everything I learned about fishing was from my father. Growing up on the fishing camp, I watched him catch fish off the dock. I caught six spottail bass, three trout, one drum and a sheephead off the dock in the half moon.

— Tightline Jr.

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