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High winds stall fishing
Tight Line
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Hello friends, ole’ Tight Line here. With last week’s windy weather we didn’t get much fishing done, but we still have a few good reports to give you from Yellow Bluff.
Bill Gerald caught a nice mess of trout and spottail bass.
This week, Bud Delte and party landed six trout and 12 whiting; David Rogers, Jake Harten and Matt Tucker caught 15 bass, 12 trout and 15 whiting; Matt Tucker and party landed 15 spottail, eight trout and eight whiting.
Rayburn Goodman said he still has plenty of shrimp and minnows at his Yellow Bluff Marina store. He said the nice weather keeps the fisherman coming and reported at least 10 boats launched from Yellow Bluff last weekend.
So get out there and get fishing and if you do remember to, always keep a tight line.

Ole Tight Line

Tight Line, Jr. here, last weekend our dock tour picked up a little more activity.
My nephew, Allen “Boo” Hall, named after ole’ Tight Line, was out fishing with us for two days and landed three spottail bass, two trout, and a sheep head.
Looks like another great weekend and week ahead to go out and cast that line, so keep a sharp eye and watch that cork down.
Tight Line Jr.
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