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Hunters to feed the needy
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Social Circle — For the past 15 years, hunters across the state have been bringing meat to the tables of those in need.
Just last year, thanks to the efforts of Georgia hunters and participating meat processors, nearly 29,000 pounds of venison was collected, processed and distributed to food banks across the state.
This year, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division offers hunters the same opportunity to help aid in the fight against hunger. Beginning Saturday, the opening day of deer season hunters can donate harvested deer at participating collection sites throughout the state.
WRD, along with the Georgia Dept. of Corrections, Georgia Dept. of Agriculture, Georgia Wildlife Federation and the Georgia State Association of Food Banks sponsor the program, providing hunters of all ages a unique opportunity to utilize their hunting skills to benefit others.
Hunters can donate deer in one of two ways; at one of seven weekend collection sites that will be available on Oct. 27-28, 2007 and from Sept. 8-Jan. 1 at eight additional collection sites hosted by deer processors.
Since the program's inception in 1993, nearly 200,000 pounds of venison has been donated.  
For more information on donating game to those in need during other times, call the Atlanta Community Food Bank at (404) 892-FEED. For more information on the GHFTH program, visit , contact a WRD Game Management Office or call (770) 761-3044.
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