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Local anglers find magic bait
Donny Branch
Donny Branch - photo by Photo provided.

Hello, my friends and fellow anglers. Tight Line Jr. here, and I hope you are staying cool through this heat wave. Not much action going on due to the heat but I do have a story of a trip taken by a father and daughter with an interesting twist.
Catherine and Neal Patterson set out from Sunbury on a steamy morning this past week. Neal had called me and asked if I thought they could catch anything on dead bait.
I said of course, especially if it is fresh frozen shrimp, but I also told him that there were plenty of shrimp in the river and they should try casting for some live bait. So, off they went casting for some live shrimp and they caught a few.
They made their way out to Walburg Creek and starting fishing at the old Cattle Shoot hole close to St. Catherines’ dock. Neal told me of a special bait they were going to try and I hate to spill the beans, but the special bait was earth worms.
Yes, you read it correctly.Neal said they were catching big gold mouth croaker and whiting and a couple of black sea bass and all were nice sized. They moved on to the north end of the island for a little break in the shade. After the break, they started fishing around the tree stumps and had the same results.
The croaker, whiting and yellow tails were biting the worms. Not only hitting the bait, but as Neal tells it, they were nailing it in an aggressive fashion.
Finally, they made it around to Bird Island and the fish were still hitting the worms. After all was said and done they had 15 croaker, 12 whiting, four black sea bass, lots of yellow tails and several small sharks. He also said they caught some on shrimp, but the heavy hitters were on the worms. So folks, there is something you might like to try.
Yellow Bluff reports having live shrimp and minnows and frozen bait. Half Moon has live shrimp and Big Rudy at the Sunbury Country Store has frozen shrimp, squid, finger mullet and also “worms.” Don`t forget our friends at Midway Feed and Supply. They have a nice variety of salt water and fresh water bait including “worms.”
Remember what Ol’ Tight Line always said, “Get out there and go fishing and if you do, remember always to keep a tight line.”
Until next time, wet a hook. It’s good for the soul.

Your friend,
Tight Line Jr.

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