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Maps show the way to good fishing
University of Georgia graduate Catherine Patterson holds one of four 18-inch trout she caught during a trip to Egg Island. - photo by Photo provided.

Hello to all.  The best fishing advice I ever heard came from my dad when he said, “Always keep a tight line.”  It’s to the point, simplistic and effective — truer words were never spoken.  If you strive to be a great fisherman or fisherwoman, then you must obey that simple doctrine.
Today, I’m going to give you some equally sound fishing advice if you plan on fishing the saltwater areas in Georgia: buy a map.  This advice is beneficial even for the old-timers who have been saltwater fishing for years.  
First, let me say that I’m not receiving any royalties from the map producers; I’m only reporting what’s made my fishing trips successful.   There are many types of maps on the market, but the one I use is called Top Spot.  It’s  waterproof map and clearly shows drop locations, types of fish being caught and time of year and tide in which to fish a particular drop. It also provides the GPS coordinates.  The map I have is No. N232, which covers Brunswick to Savannah.  I purchased my map for about $20 at West Marine in Savannah; it’s the best $20 I’ve ever spent.  
Now to the fishing reports. Usually, my reports center on the action between the St. Simons Island and St. Catherines Island areas and all points in between.  However, this week’s report will spotlight the northern grounds between Wilmington Island and Ossabaw Island.  Catherine Patterson and her dad Neal reported excellent fishing action around the Egg Island Shoal off the northern tip of Ossabaw Island.  Catherine Patterson caught four 18-inch trout during this trip.  They also landed eight nice whiting and two reds (spottail bass).  Catherine Patterson reported that the water was clear, considering that the tides have been high and the wind had been blowing.  
Joe Mitchell and party, fishing the Pine Log Flats area off Little Tybee Island, reported landing seven keeper trout and numerous whiting.  Mitchell also reported clear water in that area.
 Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now then let me be the first to inform you that the fish are biting.  There is plenty of bait in the rivers and at the bait stores, so there is no excuse for not going fishing.  
That about wraps up the reports for this week.  Always remember to do what Tight Line said in the second sentence, and you’ll surely catch more fish.  Simply keep a tight line. Note: Many years ago my father “Old Tight line”  mapped out a chart for fishing in the Saint Catherines-sound area all around North Newport and the Timmons rivers.  These were drops he discovered, and they still are fished to this day. Dad would give these maps out at the fishing camp; if you are one of the lucky locals who still have one,  you should frame it.

Until next week,
Tight Line Jr.

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