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Ole Tight Line marks 88th birthday, junior offers military salute
Tight Line
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Hello folks, Tight Line Jr. here. I know Tight Line senior usually leads the story but I have something much more important to report on this week besides the dock tour.
On May 19, my father turned a very young 88 years old. Happy birthday, Ole’ Tight Line. In addition to his birthday my father is a World War II veteran so this weekend is a special one for him and all the other veterans and soldiers around the world.
I thank God that my dad made it from the beach at Normandy to the beach here at St. Catherines. To all those who have dedicated their lives to our freedom we thank you.

Tight Line Jr.

Hello friends Ole’ Tight Line here. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. With all the folks taking some time off the waterways may be busy, so be careful and smart out there.
I do have a few reports from Yellow Bluff Marina and the surrounding Coastal area.
Jake Horton and Joe Fanning landed 16 trout, eight spottail, two flounder and 10 whitings.
Horton then went out with David Rogers and caught 22 trout, two bass, two flounder and whiting. Two different fishing mates, and quite a haul. Capt. Jake is on the fish.
Well that’s it for this week so get out there and go fishing. And if you do remember to always, keep a tight line.
Ole Tight Line
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