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Recipe for slow fishing days
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Hello, friends. Tight Line Sr. here.
Not much to report on the fishing front this week. Tight Line Jr. and I took last week off. I’ve got one report.
Teddy and Don Rogers caught 10 nice trout.
Here is a little something to do while you’re not fishing. Make a pot of cheese grits, then take some oysters and, in hot oil, simmer them for about eight to 10 minutes. Add a little flour and cream to make gravy. Cook ‘em down on low for about another 10 minutes and pour on the gravy. That’s what we would have in the morning at Branch’s Marina. Yellowbluff has live shrimp and minnows. Halfmoon has live shrimp. We would like to welcome a new marina to the area, Sunbury Marina and Crab Company. Barney and Elaine Maley are the owners/operators. Take time to go fishing.
If you do go fishing, remember to always keep a tight line.

Tight Line Jr. here

Well, the dock tour has been slow this past week. As I look back on this year, having caught a stripper, black sea bass, mangrove snapper and a gag grouper in the Halfmoon River, I can only look forward to what the future will bring.
Well, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down.
Your buddy,
Tight Line Jr.
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