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Shrimp and crab lovers have plenty of options
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Hey, folks. Tight Line Jr. here. I certainly hope that your air-conditioning is working because I am telling you, it’s hot outside. I would say it is somewhat above normal, but I think we’ll survive.
Despite the heat, I do have a few reports to share with y’all.
Don Glisson flying solo out of Yellow Bluff had a good day, landing eight big flounder and five trout.
A salt of the sea, Danny Goodman went out twice last week. He caught 12 gator trout during his first trip. Folks, when I speak of gator trout, I mean fish that are 20 inches or longer and big around. I just want to be clear on that point.
Later in the week, Goodman and party left the dock, and soon they returned with a cooler full of gators and three spottail bass.
Earlier in the week, two old coastal boys — Baby Lynn “Possum” Prosser and David L. Bush — went out to McQueen’s Inlet. The boys caught a mess of mullet and five spottail bass.
It looks like the fish are out there, so I think it’s time for all of us to wet a hook. There is plenty of shrimp available and the crabs are running, too.
For all you crab lovers wanting to cook up a mess of crabs yourself, you should call Jimmy Smith. He is located next to Liberty County High School and can give you the 411 on fresh crab. Give him a ring at 912-271-7682.
Now if you are in the mood to have crab prepared for you, head on down to the Sunbury Crab Company in historic Sunbury.
For today’s sunset party, Michael Hulett will sing and play his saxophone. So come on out and listen to music and enjoy some fresh local crab.
Just a reminder that the Blue Crab Festival is coming in October, so if you need any information on that, just call 912-884-8640.
If you need bait, you have options. The Crab Company and Yellow Bluff have live shrimp and minnows. Big Rudy at the Sunbury Country Store has frozen local shrimp, squid, finger mullet and cigar minnows. Half Moon Marina has live shrimp. The Midway Feed and Supply has saltwater and freshwater bait.
In the famous words of my dad, Ol’ Tight Line, get out there and go fishing, and if you do, remember always to keep a tight line. I say hit the docks, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down.  God bless our troops all around the world, and God bless America.
Now get out there and wet a hook — it is good for the soul.

Your buddy,
Tight Line Jr.

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